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Rancho Santa Fe Farms Golf Club
Adopts Knuth\'s System

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

November 16, 1998

Dear Farms Members,

The Farms Tournament Committee, in an effort to "level the playing field" in our club golf tournaments, has adopted a Tournament Point System developed by Dean Knuth of the Handicap Department of the USGA.

The USGA Tournament Point System is based on awarding points to net finishers in our club\'s major tournaments. Major tournaments at The Farms are considered to be any tournament of a two day duration or more. These would include, for example, our Member-Member Championship, The President\'s Cup, our Club Championships (both regular and senior), and The Founders Trophy Invitational. Examples of tournaments not included would be our one day Member-Guests and Saturday Choose-Ups. (Our major tournaments, by the way, are the only rounds that are supposed to be posted as tournament scores on the handicap computer.)

Finishers in our major tournaments will be awarded five points to the individual, or all of the team members, finishing in first place. Four points will be given to 2nd place finishers, three to 3rd place, two points for 4th place, and one point for 5th place. Points are accumulated over a two-year period and are recalculated before each tournament. This accumulation will be retroactive to January 1, 1998.

Once a player accumulates 7 points during any two-year period his handicap for a major tournament will be reduced by two strokes for major club competitions only. For each additional 3 points accumulated, an additional 2-stroke reduction will be taken. Full deductions will be in effect starting January 1, 1999. These deductions will only be used during major tournament play and will not affect a player\'s USGA Handicap Index issued by SCGA.

The Farms Handicap and Rules Committee will randomly check members\' score posting so that no attempts to manipulate a players Handicap Index are made to make up for these adjustments.

The committee believes that the Tournament Point System will make our major net results more competitive and give more players a chance to finish at the top.

Questions about the Tournament Point System and how and when it will be applied should be directed to The Golf Shop.

Thank you,

The Tournament Committee

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