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Pope Of Slope

Changes to Golf Australia’s golf handicapping system implemented Jan 23, 2014

The GolfLink system brought up the Slope System on Thursday, January 23, 2014 on its new software.

The overhaul to Australia’s golf handicapping began a few years ago with the introduction of the USGA system, but it has most recently been tailored to suit Australia’s unique club environment and is being keenly watched by many other international golfing bodies.

So what is changing?

From Thursday January 23, there were several changes made which will be the last in a long overhaul of the handicapping system used in Australia.. In summary, here are the changes.

  • Slope
    Every golf course in Australia now has a Slope rating which has been incorporated into the new handicapping system. See previous post and videos from Golf Australia for more about Slope. More: What is slope?
  • You have a new GA handicap, determined by the best 8 of your last 20 rounds of golf (the average x 0.93), but each of these rounds now are assessed against a neutral slope rating – 113 (155 is most difficult, 55 is least difficult). This new handicap is the one you are officially assigned, and you will use it to determine your daily handicap depending on which course and set of tees you will be playing from.
  • SHA (Stableford Handicapping Adjustment)
    For handicapping purposes only, all stroke and par rounds will be processed with both stroke AND stableford scores.
  • DSR (Daily Scratch Rating)
    A little like CCR but much more complex. It will now include average net score and average handicap for the field, field size, competition type, and gender.

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