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Pope Of Slope

Professor Mark Davis from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN developed a handy spreadsheet that will make it easier for clubs to track KTPS points.

Click here to download the spreadsheet

He added the following notes:

This spreadsheet is extremely easy to use. All you do after an event is enter an \'x\' for those who participated and did not accumulate any Knuth points and the number of Knuth points earned for those who did. That\'s it. Everything is immediately automatically updated, including number of events played in the 24 month period, the running total of Knuth points, and, for those players who have passed a threshold, the number of strokes their handicaps will be adjusted.

Note #1: To enter data following an event, we re-order the spreadsheet alphabetically using the players\' last names. After the data have been entered, we re-order it as currently shown, with the players with the greatest handicap adjustment being at the top, and on down, ordered secondly by the total number of Knuth points earned.

Note #2: We have found that it is worth the effort to have 2 people independently enter the data following each event. I have a separate simple spreadsheet that then compares the two entries to make sure there weren\'t some entry errors, which, not surprisingly, are fairly common. Since the Knuth system can be an issue for some members, it\'s really important to avoid screw ups like entry errors.

Note #3: the number of players/teams row is set up to automatically list the number of individual players. In a number of events, i.e., those involving teams, this will need to be overridden by entering the number of teams directly into the cell.

Note #4: the current spreadsheet is set up for a maximum of 5 stroke adjustments. I didn\'t think anyone could get more than that. However, you\'ll notice one of our members is currently at a 5 stroke adjustment. And, he started the year at 3 strokes!
Clubs are welcome to contact Professor Davis with questions at:

Click here to download the spreadsheet

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