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Golf World Letter to the editor, Feb 9, 2001

Your discussion of nonconforming drivers (Which side are you on?, Jan 26) was balanced and enlightening. Dean Knuth's cogent points that the USGA handicapping system accommodates the use of any equipment including nonconforming drivers (Gimme a break, Jan. 26) seems to make the USGA's fears a tempest in a teapot. I plan to use my nonconforming driver a few months this spring to see if my handicap (5) changes in any way. As always, I'll post every score. But unfortunately, I'll be posting them on a free online service, not with the USGA. I suspect I'll not be alone. Has anyone thought that the USGA's ban on nonconforming clubs is like the Roman Catholic Church's ban on birth control?

Ray Andersen, Cheshire, Conn.

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